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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Light Edition and the Full Edition of FairUse Wizard ?
Light Edition has the folowing limitations :
- no iPod Video encoding
- encoding target file size limited to 700 MB
- no range selection
- no quality based encoding

Furthermore, the full edition is optimised to fully exploit Dual-Core, SMP, and Hyper-Threading CPU architectures, resulting in much faster(1) encoding and has an auto-update feature not available in the light edition.

Is FairUse compatible with Windows Vista / 7 /8 ?
FairUse is compatible with all versions of Windows. If you have trouble running FU under Windows 8, right-click on the FairUse Wizard shortcut and check the "Run in administrator mode" box.

Is FairUse compatible with Linux ?
FairUse works just fine with Wine. If the DVD drive is not detected, you may have to enable the ide-scsi mode for the DVD drive.

FairUse comes up with a psikey.dll missing error whenever I run it. Furthermore, I can't use the DivX encoding, only XviD is available.
The psykey.dll error comes from the DivX codec itself when FairUse tries to load it. This happens because you installed the ad-sponsored version of the codec, then used some spyware removal tool like Ad-Aware that removed the "ad-support" software.
To take care of this isue, you can choose to uninstall the DivX codec, or install a fully functional version of it. With a "hacked" version of the codec you won't be able to encode with DivX since the codec won't load.

What settings should I use to get movies that will be compatible with my standalone DivX player ?
Default settings do guarantee compatibility with all standalone DivX players. If you run into problems, restore the defaults settings using the dedicated button. Please note that only DivX and XviD video codecs, MP3 and AC3 audio codecs, and AVI file container will work on standalone players.

How can I convert the VOB files I already have on my hard drive ?
Well, you can't. FairUse was designed to make backups of DVD you already own, so you should make your backup from the original DVD. Nevertheless, you could eventually build an ISO image with a DVD burning software like Nero and open the ISO file from within FairUse.

What is the best codec between XviD and DivX ?
The XviD codec is embedded in FairUse, while DivX is optionnal and has to be installed separatly. Some people only swear by XviD, while some others only want DivX. Your best bet is probably to try both and make your own opinion.

I have tried to do a DVD backup with DivX but FairUse produces noticeable undersized files, no matter what target size I set.
Some movies are actually very compressible, so even with the best quality the codec won't need the whole target size. This can for example happen on movies like "From Hell" or "Avalon" that have lots of dark scenes, because dark pictures can be compressed a lot by the codecs. "From Hell" will usually not even fill a single CD with a 128 kb/s audio track. It is known as "codec saturation". This issue is DivX-specific and should never happen with the embedded XviD codec. In quality encoding mode the final size is unpredictable and always brings the best possible quality for the selected resolution.

FairUse creates oversized movies
Please make sure you're encoding in 2-pass mode. In quality encoding mode the final size is unpredictable and always brings the best possible quality for the selected resolution.

I would like to have subtitles as a separate file rather than embbeded in the video ?
Check the "extract subtitles" box and select the desired subtitles track to get an IDX file and a SUB file. The files have the VobSub format, and can be read as is on most standalone players.
You can also use VSRip or SubRip to extract and/or convert the subtitles from the IFO and VOB files extracted in the project folder if "extract subtitles" is checked.

What target resolution should I set to get the best results ?
In the case of an action movie, you should'n go too high, while for a drama or a dark-pictured movie (The Others, From Hell) you can use higher compression ratios.
If the compression ratio is too low, this means that the target size is too big, but actually this is not a problem because you won't loose quality. In the worst case, you're wasting some space. On the other hand, if compression ratio is too high, chances are the picture will exhibit artifacts.
If in doubt, leave the default settings suggested by FairUse, it will be fine in most cases.

Should I enable Lanczos resize ?
Lanczos resize results in a sharper picture, at the cost of less compressibility.
If in doubt, leave the default settings suggested by FairUse, it will be fine in most cases. In quality mode the Lanczos resize defaults to be enabled.

Should I check "BOB deinterlace" ? If so, what does it do ?
BOB deinterlace attenuates the artifacts on some poorly encoded DVDs. Your best bet to know when to enable it is to trust FairUse's auto-detect feature.

Can I use Fairuse Wizard to copy protected DVDs?
FairUse Wizard cannot be used to circumvent CSS or other protection methods. We do not support copying such DVDs and support will not provided for such cases.

What is the FairUse Wizard distribution licence ?
FairUse Wizard is distributed under GPL. The source code is available after a simple contact request.

Should I check "TV mode" ?
The TV mode should be checked if your main display target is a regular 4/3 TV. With this option disabled, the aspect ratio will be slightly wrong on a 4/3 TV. With this option enabled, the aspect ratio will be slightly wrong on a computer screen. You may eventually test both on a short clip or a trailer.

What is the "Credits start" button ?
This buttons allows you to tell FairUse where the end credits start, to encode them with a lower quality. Thus, more space is allocated to the main movie. Please note that this feature only effects XviD encodings.

What are the software license terms ?
Please see the license terms page.

What is your privacy policy ?
Please see the privacy policy page.

I have bought FairUse before, but have lost access to the download link.
Please contact us, and we will send you a renewed download link.

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