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Convert your DVDs to H264 and DivX and watch them at your phone, tablet or TV, with a few clicks.

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Fairuse Wizard Retail Box

An amazing DVD Backup solution for free!

FairUse Wizard will create full quality rips for your DVDs
compatible with most standalone players and mobile devices.



Featured pack yet easy to use

Control every option of your output video in a simple, wizard-like interface. Set your desired audio, subtitles and resolution settings using predefined, uncomplicated parameters.


Multiple devices and codec support

Easily create movies that will play on your standalone player with the DivX and XviD codecs. Use cutting edge technology with new codecs like the well-known H264, XviD, or the ffVFW codec suite.

Save money and storage space

Store several movies on a single DVD. Protect your expensive DVD collection by letting the children use a backup copy while the original discs stay in a safe place

Powerful customisation and automation tools

Encode tens of episodes of your favourite shows in only a few mouse clicks. Preview subtitles on the preview screen during the encoding setup. Let the wizard be your guide at every step of the conversion process.

FairUse Wizard Full Edition

Use the Light Edition for some simple and fast encoding or get the Full Edition for many advanced features and increased encoding speed.

Light Edition
Light Edition Limitations:
No 3D support.
No predefined profiles for mobile devices.
Single core, slower encoding.
700MB limit on output file.
No support.
Full Edition
Only available in the Full Edition :
Convert your DVD collection to 3D high definition videos!
Encode your DVDs to watch them on your prefered device with optimal quality! Encode for your iPhone, iPod, Android.
Encode much faster with a multi Core, SMP, and Hyper-Threading processors optimized build !
Optimize your encodings with the "quality" setting! This is best suited for the archiving of DVD quality movies !
Unlimited target file size for superior video quality !
Email support and lifetime upgrades!

Buy with confidence

Fairuse Wizard is a reliable conversion program that has been around for over 10 years. In addition to that, we offer email support options and a money back guarantee!

7 day money back guarantee

If you decide that FairUse Wizard Full Edition does not meet your needs, we offer a 7-day refund, no questions asked.

Email support and documentation

If you run intro trouble, just use our support form. Support requests for the Full Edition are replied within 24 hours. If you need more help, check out the FAQ or the user guide.

Reliable payment through PayPal

We use PayPal for our payments, so that you can purchase FairUse within a few clicks. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can just pay with your credit card.

Free upgrades

By buying the Full Version you will get access to all future versions, plus support for future Windows versions.

Purchase FairUse Wizard Full Edition now and get your download link in minutes.

  1. Extra speed with multi-Core encoding
  2. Break the 700MB file limit
  3. Email support and free upgrades
  4. 3D Videos support
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